Living in Latvia

Living in Latvia

09/03/2020 - 31/12/2020

From  March 9, 2020 until  December 31, 2020, the Education Development Center (EDC) is implementing the project “Living in Latvia” (No. PMIF/8/2019/3/02). The project is implemented with funding from the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and Latvian state budget.

The aim of the project is to implement an integration program that promotes the inclusion of the target group in Latvian society. The target group of the project is third-country nationals and persons in need of international protection (refugees, asylum seekers and persons who have been granted subsidiary protection status) and who are legally residing in the territory of Latvia. The overall aim of the project is to promote the inclusion of these persons in Latvian society.


December was intense and active in the project: after a complete reorientation to entirely remote studies and communication, four Latvian language groups, i. e. 61 third-country nationals, completed 120 hours of classes, and two integration course groups (44 participants in total) completed 20 hours of classes and attended two integration events (44 participants).  

At the end of the project “Living in Latvia”, we have summarised the results:

  • 106 third-country nationals have completed a 20-hour integration programme;
  • more than 180 participants have been involved in the integration events proposed in the project;
  • 83 third-country nationals have completed a 120-hour Latvian language course; 20 people have passed the state language proficiency examination and obtained a certificate of A2 and A1 level.




In October, as part of the project, we provided immigrants with the opportunity to watch one of the films dedicated to 100th Anniversary of Latvia "Blizzard of Souls" (“Dvēseļu putenis”) and hear comments from the film's historical consultant Dr. hist. Janis Silins (Jānis Šiliņš). We connected the viewing of this film with references from the Latvian history section of the project integration course, where third-country nationals had the opportunity to find out more about the most important stages of Latvian history, the creation and renewal of the country. In this context, the First World War is a particularly important period for the formation of the Latvian state, but it is also a particularly complex and difficult period for many to understand. There is currently great interest in this film, and we hope to be able to ensure the opportunity to watch it with the support of the cinema Kino Citadele.

In November, we are planning a dance evening together with masters of Latvian folk song and dance. In addition to explanations, we also hope to move and sing in the rhythms of Latvian folk music. Third-country nationals together with family members are invited. More information is available at and by calling 26335521.



More than 30 third-country nationals completed the integration program in September. The participants admit that they are satisfied with the courses, as they have learned a lot about Latvia and received answers to important questions and appreciated the interpreter's involvement in helping them understand the information. The participants wanted to know more about the tax system, opportunities to find a job, about notary services; they were also willing to go on excursions and participate in practical classes to get to know Latvia. More

We will invite to the next integration courses in November. Apply by filling in the form.

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The conversation evening "I can if I do!" on the possibilities and experience in starting business activities held on 23 September in the Riga Latvian Society gathered third-country nationals from Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine, China, Belarus, India and Sri Lanka – almost 20 participants in total. During the event, Arta Kruze (Arta Krūze) from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) explained current issues related to starting a business in Latvia, and Qamber Ali Awan, who has moved here from Pakistan, shared his business experience in Latvia in recent years. Qamber emphasised that Latvian language skills and the ability to integrate play an important role in business development. Immigrants had many questions about how to build their business and what opportunities LIAA can offer.

The aim of this event was to promote the group's understanding of business opportunities in Latvia and potential cooperation with Latvian businessmen. Photo is here

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On 12 August, more than 40 third-country nationals, their family members and members of the society went to experience Latvia's diversity within the project "Living in Latvia". This was the second integration event of the project that we offered to immigrants to Latvia to promote understanding of the diversity of Latvian society by getting to know various traditional Latvian occupations, crafts, and craftsmen.   We could enjoy great weather all day long about 250 km on the way to Salacgrīva and back. Here, it was possible to gain experience, information, joy in a small group and in individual conversations, buy delicious things, enjoy lunch at various stops: a pottery workshop, a beehive, a winery, a lamprey weir, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Photo is here

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After unusual restrictions in spring, the Education Development Centre team is especially pleased to start the face-to-face integration classes of the project “Living in Latvia” for third-country nationals in July. More. Photos 

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We invite you to apply for our free of charge classes! In July, the Education Development Center (IAC) offers to get to know Latvia - the country, its population, culture, traditions in specially prepared classes.

The classes will provide answers to your questions, as well as serve as a chance to meet and get to know people who have come to live in Latvia. Participants will have an opportunity to go on a free excursion to one of the regions of Latvia and visit a museum, attend a concert or other event.

Apply for participation in day OR evening classes by phone 67503730 or e-mail

DAY CLASSES 1st -16th July (01.07.,07.07.,08.07.,16.07.) at 10.00-14.00 Riga Latvian Society House, Merķeļa Street 13, Riga. 5 classes are planned every day.

EVENING CLASSES 1st -16th July (01.07.,07.07.,08.07.,14.07.,16.07.) at 10.00-14.00 Riga Latvian Society House, Merķeļa Street 13, Riga. 4 classes are planned every day.

On the first day, we will provide information about a free excursion and a visit to a museum.

If babysitting is required during the classes, please, write to



Project activities:

  • identifying and informing the target group
  • integration courses and activities
  • Latvian language courses and language clubs
  • publicity and sustainability activities

Project activities will provide opportunities for the representatives of the target group to gain insight into Latvian history, culture and values, learn about the role of the Latvian language in work and everyday life, understand the administration of the Republic of Latvia and its underlying rule of law, get to know Latvian society and life from different angles, get information about health care, social services and opportunities for starting a business, as well as participate in the activities of different communities, establishing contacts and developing cooperation skills.

During the project, from March to December, we offer:

  • to learn about Latvia country, its inhabitants, traditions, available social support;
  • to participate in Latvian language acquisition groups with the opportunity to take a Latvian language proficiency test at the State Education Content Center and obtain an appropriate certificate;
  • to visit museums, concerts, theater performances, etc .;
  • to strengthen your skills in Latvian language clubs;
  • take tours to one of the regions of Latvia;
  • to meet people with similar experiences and make friends;
  • to get answers to your questions, information and support in collaboration with the EDC team and professionals.

For further information please write an e-mail to to or call +371 67503730.

Project team:

Project manager Linda Kluša
Project pedagogical manager Aija Kalve
Project integration and publicity coordinator Danute Grīnfelde
Assistant Līga Puniņa
Accountant Aija Rusiņa

The Education Development Center project “Living in Latvia” (Nr. PMIF/8/2019/3/02) is implemented within the 2014 – 2020 planning period of the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund with the joint funding from the European Union (75%) and Latvia state budget (25%).