Living in Latvia – Learning Latvian (2nd stage)

Relization time: 2019.gada 1.janvāris - 2020.gada 31.decembris

The aim of the project “Living in Latvia – Learning Latvian (2nd stage) is to ensure the acquisition of the Latvian language to the third country nationals that will promote their integration in the education system and labour market of Latvia. To achieve this aim, during 24 months EDC offers intensive Latvian language courses (120 hours) in total for 350 third country nationals in 28 groups with different initial language knowledge level and in four Latvian language interest groups to support the using of the Latvian language after completing the language course.

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Living, Learning and Working TOGETHER

Relization time: 14/11/2018

Youth integration and empowerment project

Based on the successful experience of the previous activities, such as “EXPLORING. BELONGING. ACTING” and “Participation, Cooperation, Integration: Together in the 21st century”,  Education Development Centre (EDC) with the support of the British Council Latvia in November 2018 has started implementation of the new Youth integration and empowerment project “Living, Learning and Working TOGETHER”.

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Supporting Youth Media Literacy (YML)

Relization time: October, 2017 – February, 2019

Through creating media literacy program for public schools and providing training of educators

The project is funded by the US Embassy
Project summary
Nowadays the impact of media has increased, especially on young adults. Media have become the space of the value clash and the tool of influencing the society. The inability to use adequately the media in the complicated geopolitical situation of Latvia can have especially far-reaching negative consequences. Media literacy (ML) in the schools of Latvia up to now has been acquired insufficiently and episodically. This can be explained with the lack of ML programs and course materials, insufficiently trained teachers in the issues of ML and the lack of awareness about how to integrate the media literacy content in the current curriculum.

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