Atbalsts izaugsmei (Support for Growth)

Atbalsts izaugsmei (Support for Growth)

01/12/2023 - 30/07/2024

The aim of the project ‘Support for Growth’ (2023.LV/NVO_UKR/17)  is to perfect the knowledge and skills of Ukrainian civilians (including young people), who are fleeing Russian military aggression in Ukraine, to integrate into Latvian society by providing practical and psychological support measures and continuity of Latvian language lessons in higher levels of language skills as a foundation for socioeconomic integration and growth in Latvian society.

The project ‘Support for Growth’ is being implemented within the framework of the program of Non-Governmental Organizations Activities for the Support of Ukrainian Civilians of the Society Integration Fund (SIF), the program aims to support the continuation of the NGO’s activities in supporting the Ukrainian civilians aim of at the country border. The funding of the program is available from the funds of the Thematic Mechanism Emergency Assistance (“Emergency Assistance”) Project No. HOME-2022-AMIF-AG-EMAS-TF1-LV-0012 – UA-SUP of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.


On May 15 and 21, we invite you to discuss the subject of the contact in family and job seeking opportunities in Latvia together with a psychologist Marina Dango. These will be the final psychological support seminars, three of them already being held on February and March.



In April, Ukrainian civilians continue to get an insight into the cultural education topics about Latvia in the courses organized by the Education Development Centre. For example, on April 27, youth goes outside the classroom and learn about the objects of the Riga Center that present important events of the Latvian history,  in person; April  11 during a Zoom class, the group learns about the current topics of the European Parliament elections, compare the state administration of Ukraine and Latvia, discuss the possibilities of participation - this class is prepared and led by Inguna Irbite (Ingūna Irbīte); On April 24 at the museum, "Latvians Abroad" watch the historical stories and video testimonies about deportations, exiled Latvians and war of independence. Historian Danute Grinfelde (Danute Grīnfelde) invites you to participate in the discussion explains and draws parallels with the current situation in Ukraine.

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The acquisition of the socio-economic integration program "Support for Growth" will end in May. The participants appreciate this opportunity to learn:

I really like studying in these courses particularly; the educational process is organized at the highest level. I like our teacher, how she presents the material and how she communicates with us, for me it was interesting and easy.
I am fully satisfied with the organization of the educational process, the efficiency of it and I wish to continue to cooperate with the centre.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn the Latvian language and history.

We support Ukrainian people and give the opportunity to get to know Latvia more- on May 11 we are going to get to know Courland. On the sunny and windy day, we leave from Riga to Talsi: we get to know the impressive Nurmuiža castle complex, the beginning of which can be found in the 16th century, the architectural and art pearl - Nurmne church. We enjoyed the environment and products of "Vējkalnietis" and visited Engure. There we got to learn about the products local to the seaside, bought gastronomic souvenirs. Pleasure of beauty and flavors throughout the entire day!

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In March, classes for all the study groups were dedicated to the topic of culture, and continued classes on entrepreneurship, state, participation and visited the museum "Latvians Abroad", where along with the exhibition, historical questions were raised and discussions regarding the deportations of Latvian citizens and the migration of refugees were encouraged. These topics on social integration are an addition to the development of language skills, discussions, conversations of the Ukrainian civilians. To acquire these topics video materials are actively used to ensure the development of listening skills, the ability to perceive and understand the Latvian language at various speeds and from different speakers.

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We finalize the first month of intensive learning in the project groups for Ukrainian civilians, i.e. for the youth. We are happy for all the students involved in the acquisitions of the socio-economic program "Support for Growth". In February, along with language lessons, the students also acquired the topic of the state language and education in Latvia as well as entrepreneurship. On the topic of entrepreneurship, the lecturer Aivars Lagzdins (Aivars Lagzdiņš) sees a lot of interest and practical questions from the participants. In February, Ukrainian civilians are also gathered at the premises of EDC for a psychological support seminar on February 7 "Psychological barriers when using the Latvian language and work relationships", led by psychologist Marina Dango. After the first classes, it’s seen that the participants are ready to get involved and solve their own questions and ask for support.

Out of more than 90 participants of the project, the majority - 50 students acquire the Latvian language at the B1 and B2 level. 26 young people acquire the Latvian language. Let the spring be beneficial for learning and events- excursions, acquisition of historical topics outside the classroom!


Within the framework of the project on January 2024 we are commencing the acquisition of the socioeconomic integration programs for five (5) groups of Ukrainian civilians, including young people from the age of 13, a total of 80 people.

We invite you to apply for lessons here. After 18.01.2024 we will begin Latvian language lessons at the levels of A2, B1 and B2.

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120-hour study program includes Latvian language lessons (in the amount of at least 100 h) and themes of integration (in the amount of at least 20 h). Lessons are planned in a hybrid model (partially on-site, partially remotely) 2-3 times a week.

From February until March of 2024,the program will include support measures for Ukrainian civilians: seminars on topical psychological themes and educational excursions for socioeconomic integration.


Ever since April 2022, EDC has actively taken a part in the provision of support to more than 450 Ukrainian civilians, including young people, by means of attracting funding, to provide them with a chance to learn the language, get to know Latvia and integrate in society and education. Currently, EDC’s practice in the work with Ukrainian war refugees shows that a part of Ukrainian civilians that are living here for more than a year and are adapting to living here, need to be provided not only with knowledge and skills on how to integrate into Latvian society and learn the Latvian language at a basic level, they also need to learn the Latvian language at a higher level, thus ensuring professional and personal growth opportunities and socioeconomic integration in Latvia.  

Project team:

Iveta Verse (Iveta Vērse)– Director of EDC, Methodical Manager of the integration program „Support for Growth”
Linda Klusa (Linda Kluša) – Project Manager
Liga Punina (Līga Puniņa) – Target Group Coordinator
Aija Rusina (Aija Rusiņa) – Financial Coordinator and Human Resources Specialist

The funding of the project "Support for Growth"(2023.LV/NVO_UKR/17) is available from the funds of the Thematic Mechanism Emergency Assistance (“Emergency Assistance”) Project No. HOME-2022-AMIF-AG-EMAS-TF1-LV-0012 – UA-SUP of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.