We invite the third country nationals* to learn the Latvian language!

We invite the third country nationals* to learn the Latvian language!


Apply to courses by calling – 67503730 or writing an e-mail: iac@latnet.lv!

“Education development centre” (EDC) in May and September 2019, starts the Latvian language courses in which you have a possibility to learn the Latvian language free of charge learning it together with others in a group twice or three times a week and acquiring the Latvian language programme (120 hours).  

* A third-country national is any person who is not a citizen of the member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation.

Please, select the course group for your learning! The number of participants is limited.


Level of language acquisition

Planned time of starting the course

Course times

Venue of the courses


B1 level, 

(those who have previously mastered A2 level; have certificate)


2 - 3 times a week

Dzirnavu iela 34a-8, Premises of the Education development center (EDC) 


A1 level,  beginners


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from
14:00– 16:30

Rīga, Bruknas iela 5,
Rīgas 95.vidusskola (Riga Secondary school No. 95)

Room 413.


A1 level,  beginners

September 2019

2-3 times a week from
10:30– 13:00

Premises in the center of Riga


A2 level,   

(those who have previously mastered A1 level; have certificate )


September 2019


2- 3 times a week from


Premises in the center of Riga

LV karog5
The Education Development Center project “Living in Latvia - learning Latvian (2nd stage)” (Nr. PMIF/6/2018/2/02) is implemented within the 2014 – 2020 planning period of the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund with the joint funding from the European Union (75%) and Latvia state budget (25%).