The main projects and activities implemented by EDC

Global education and Development education

Integration and Diversuty  

Development of critical thinking

Promotion of civic education and civic participation: 

Intercultural education

Promotion of inclusive society. Project "Inclusive education at inclusive school" (2007 -2008 financing institutions – British Council Latvia, EDC and project „The Index of inclusive education-adjustment of the methodological material for introduction in Latvia”);

Development of human resources (ESF project “Development and approbation of motivation programs for improving the life quality and facilitation of employment”  and the IUMSILS project in 2008);

Development Education and Development Cooperation (pilot Project of the EDC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Latvia “Introductory lectures and the completion of essays for secondary school students on Development cooperation”  and designing and publishing the Calendar for Year 2009 on Development Cooperation);

Other projects 

Participation in developing the education policy- cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Latvia, and its structural departments, the Jaunsardze (New Guards) centre of the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Latvia, Department of Development cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Latvia, participation in the consultative board : Education for all”, cooperation with UNESCO, SOROS Foundation – Latvia, LAPAS, regional and town municipalities and educational institutions;

International cooperation - long-standing, successful cooperation with British Council in Latvia, the Center for Civic Education CIVITAS and Iowa university in USA, and other partners and fund-providers.  EDC has an important role in the field of civic education in the civic education cooperation network of the Baltic countries. EDC partner relations include the participation in the International Civic education program CIVITAS, International Reading Association – IRA, International Consortium – Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium, RWCT IC, DARE (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe),as well as the European branch of IRA IDEC (International Development in Europe Committee).  EDC regularly receives informative material from its partners that serves as a good addition to EDC library;

EDC members and employees actively joined and participated in organizing and managing  international seminars, working groups, conferences; participated and presented in conferences and seminars in the USA, Morocco, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Lithuania and other countries.