Schools – satellites for development education

Schools – satellites for development education


In November 2009 NGO “Education Development Center” in partnership with NGO “GLEN Latvia” (Latvia) and NGO “Leeds Development Education Center” (UK) have started 2 years project “Schools – satellites for development education”. Project is financed by European Commission within the programme „Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development - Public awareness and education for development in Europe” and co-financed by Soros Foundation Latvia.

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Project objectives

to create public awareness of development issues among school educators and young people thus promoting society that is informed about the development issues;

to promote active understanding (changing attitudes) and active participation in global issues aiming at fairer relations between developed and developing countries;

to implement development education activities in the formal and informal education agenda of Latvia;

to facilitate the increase of the quality of DE.

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Main target audience

Educators (teachers from all educational levels), school administration representatives, young people, opinion leaders from local communities and media.

Main project participants are 81 “change agents” that will represent 9 schools from 3 different regions of Latvia (3 regions x 3 schools per each region x 9 representatives per each school). They will participate in different trainings about development education themes and methodologies. After trainings project participants will have the opportunity to try out their knowledge and understanding by developing and implementing development education activities in their schools, communities or region thus involving in the project wider audiences. During the project informative and methodological materials, development education guidelines will be created and published. Also there will be activities for multipliers for ensuring the sustainability of the project idea. In order to foster the implementation of development education elements in formal and informal education representatives and experts from official bodies and public sector will be involved.