We invite participants to the Latvian language support group in EDC in autumn

We invite participants to the Latvian language support group in EDC in autumn


This year on May, the project “Living in Latvia – learning Latvian (2nd stage)” launched the work of the Latvian language support group with 15 meetings (30 hours). The aim of the activity is to give the participants a possibility to consolidate their skill of speaking Latvian and discuss topical issues in Latvia as well as themes of personal interest.

The participants of the support group have travelled virtually around Latvia and have got acquainted with most important cultural and historical places and most picturesque nature objects in Latgale, Zemgale, Kurzeme and Vidzeme; they have shared the experience of their travels, they have learned about each other’s hobbies and acquainted with traditions of celebrating festivals in their family and country.     

It has to be admitted that in summer when the majority of people devote their time to relaxing not learning, the interest in attending the Latvian language support group is not as high as expected because this activity was planned based on the participants’ initiative. However, some 15 people who find time to attend the group every Wednesday admit:

  • I come willingly because it is interesting,
  • I participate because I want to learn to speak freely in Latvian,
  • I learn Latvian because I want to help my grandchildren at school,
  • I participate because I want to pass the naturalisation exam,
  • I learn Latvian because I want to communicate with my neighbours and friends in Latvian, etc.

If you are interested, you are welcome! The meetings of this Latvian language support group will continue on September 12: we meet every Thursday from 17:30 till 19:45 in Dzirnavu str. 34A - 8, the EDC premises! To apply write to iac @latnet.lv

It is not easy to learn the Latvian language, especially if in the native language there is not such a broad and detailed system of grammar with so many endings and tense forms, with the Latin alphabet and spelling, or the sound system of the mother tongue (or other mastered languages) is different. Therefore, sometimes, when attending the 120 hours course that we offer the third country nationals in Latvia in the frame of the project, the participants have to devote additional time to learning the Latvian language and to practising the language in their everyday life. At present, the attendees of the language support group are people with prior knowledge who either have already completed the course or are learning now or will start the learning in autumn.

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