Summarizing the first half-year results in educating the third country nationals

Summarizing the first half-year results in educating the third country nationals


This year in April and May the participants of the EDC project “Living in Latvia - learning Latvian (2nd stage) ” have completed the acquisition of 120 hours course in eight Latvian language groups in Riga and Jelgava and, all in all, 104 third country nationals have received the certificate about completing the course. The most popular have been the language learning for the beginners (A level) – 75 participants have completed the course, B level - 29 participants. Having completed the 120 hours course the participants have a possibility to attend the Latvian language support group once a week. It gathers people who want to consolidate the acquired language skills, to communicate, to discuss different topics, to find out and improve their skills. It is a good chance to practice the language use. We invite those interested to join the language support group! The meetings of this Latvian language support group will continue on September 12. We meet every  Thursday from 17:30 till 19:45 in Dzirnavu iela 34A - 8, the EDC premises! 

Having completed the course, the majority of participants wish to take the state language examination to test their level of the acquired skills.  In April and May, 85 project participants applied to take this examination. We are looking forward to the examination results. However, the acquisition of the Latvian language does not end with the examination; in order not to lose the acquired skills and not to forget, one should be active and interested in everyday life – to listen, to read and to watch, and try to speak Latvian.

Certainly, teachers and project implementers at the end of the course are interested in the participants’ feedback and their evaluation of the course as well as their recommendations for further work, therefore we have asked them to do the evaluation: more than 90% of those who have finished the course are satisfied with it. They value highly the professionalism of the teachers because after three months of learning they can talk Latvian. They also suggest different practical things for organizing the teaching/learning process: to do more tasks that resemble the examination tasks, to watch video, to talk more; others, in their turn, want to pay more attention to grammar, others – to listening tasks, to do home tasks together, etc. We learn together and try to do everything in the group to improve each participant’s individual skills, yet the most important is one’s own contribution and investment in the language acquisition!!

Let all of you be skilful users of the Latvian language in your everyday life!

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