Living in Latvia

Living in Latvia

March 2011 - June 2011

No IF/2009/1.1./6

Project is implemented in the framework of year 2009 program of the European Integration Fund for Third-country citizens funded by European Union (75%), and (25%) funded by Latvian state budget.

From March 2011 - June 2011 Education Development Center (EDC) implemented the project „Living in Latvia” in the framework of the program of the European Integration Fund for Third-country citizens. The aim of the project- to promote the integration of the third-country citizens with different economic, social, culture, religion, language and ethnic background in the Latvian and European society. The project is financed by European Union (75%) and Latvian State (25%) in the framework of 2009 program European Integration Fund for Third- country citizens.

Specific aim of the project: to work out the teaching program and to implement integration courses for third- country citizens about history, institutions, social and economic characteristics, culture, state administration and values of Latvia, which help third-country nationals to integrate in the society of Latvia, to understand their rights, to broaden their intercultural communication skills and skills of using the Latvian language.

Main activities of project:

  • actualization and acquiring of the program “Living in Latvia 2”
  • monitoring of the target group
  • “Market of experience and ideas”
  • project publicity and sustainability events

During the project a program for those people who have recently moved to Latvia was developed and delivered. The program envisages theoretical and practical cycle of lessons about history, inhabitants, political, social, economic and cultural life of Latvia within three themes: “My identity in the Latvian society”, “State structure and fundaments of legislation in Latvia”, “Latvian culture and traditions”. The seminar work is actively supplemented with excursions and practical activities (excursions to the Riga History and Navigation Museum, Riga City Council and old Riga, The State Social Insurance Agency, ceramics workshop “Cepļi”, Latvian National Opera). During the project the participants had consultations with the experts from the Citizenship and Migration Department, Republic of Latvia, social worker, psychologist, lawyer; they met with the craftsmen and folklorists, they shared their experience in solving problems as well as supplemented their knowledge of the Latvian language and their intercultural communication skills.

The first theme of the program ”My Identity in the Latvian Society” includes the identity issues, the description of the development of the Latvian language, society structures and inhabitant groups, their main values and issues concerning the education system.

The aim of second theme of the program “State structure and fundaments of legislation in Latvia” is to broaden the participants’ understanding about the Latvian state structure and to give insight into the system of protection of rights in Latvia, as well as to give understanding about various options how to solve different everyday situations.

The third theme “Latvian culture and traditions” includes the issues concerning Latvian culture, cultural sectors, the most significant figures in culture and their contribution, as well as description and history of Latvian historical regions, traditions of Latvian festivals, daily life and values of inhabitants.

The geography of the target group’s previous living places was very broad-Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Australia, the US and other places and the diversity of their previous experiences gave big additional value to the project. Work in seminars and practical work was carried out in Latvian, Russian and English. The participants in the project could meet people with similar experience and to share problem solutions, to gain broader knowledge and useful informative materials about Latvian state, people, traditions, work, social support and help for themselves and family members, to take part in practical activities and to participate in various excursions, which presents life in Latvia, to ask questions to specialists, to get support and advice, to get acquainted with Latvian environment in a friendly and favorable atmosphere, to improve their knowledge of the Latvian language, and to find like minded people and to gain friends for future.