Living in Latvia - 4

Living in Latvia - 4

Since December 2014

Since December 2014 Education development centre is implementing the project “Living in Latvia - 4”. This is already the fifth project, which is the framework of the European third-country citizens’ integration foundation of the European Union.

EDC offers an integration program for the third country nationals who have recently settled for living in Latvia about the country, its inhabitants, political, social, economic and cultural life. The project implementation consists of different learning and hands-on activities, interest group meetings, excursions to different parts of Latvia and meeting with local people, support groups for acquisition and practicing of the Latvian language and other events.

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Project „Living in Latvia - 4” (Nr. IF/2013/1.a/6) is implemented within the 2014 program of the European Integration Fund of the Third country nationals with the joint funding from the European Union (75%) and Latvia state budget (25%). The organization Education Development centre is responsible for the content of the publications.