The second event in the project "Living in Latvia - 3" at Gulbene

The second event in the project "Living in Latvia - 3" at Gulbene


The second event of the interest group in the project "Living in Latvia - 3" took place on March 13, 2013 at Gulbene. Here the project participants learnt more how to start one's own business, which challenges the young businessmen face and how to do things that you really find interesting. Photo

The day started with a visit to a small cheese plant "MŪ Siers", where the hostess Vita Kence showed how cheese is made from milk. The participants had a chance to taste dufferent kinds of cheese, ask questions on both how the cheese was made and how to start one's own business.

Discussions on employability isses continued in Gulbene Secondary school Nr. 2. The school project coordinator Dita Grigore together with teachers and pupils had organized a meeting with businessmen from Gulbene, active local people who spend their free time in an interesting way and know how to inspire others. The participants participated in creative workshops and learnt the skills of making jewelery and puppets. The story about making the snow shoes and how to wear them in the deep snow caused huge interest.

The sightseeing excursion at Gulbene enriched the day. The pride of Gulbene is the narrow-gauge passenger railway and the well-preserved railway station. The visit of the places gave new impressions and also stirred up memories of the past.

It was especially useful to meet young people and their teachers from Gulbene Secondary school Nr. 2 and see that the schol offers possibilities of diverse activities. The songs that the young people sang in different languages caused positive emotions in all those present.

Thank you to the organizers of the event for their hospitality! The event gave new ideas on how to spend the free time in an interesting way, how to tyurn small ideas into great works and where to go sightseeing in Latvia!