Living in Latvia - 2

Living in Latvia - 2

2012, April - June

The project is implemented in the framework of the year 2010 program of the European third-country citizens’ integration foundation of the European Union Solidarity and migration management key program 2007 – 2013. The project is implemented with 75% European Union funding and 25% Funding provided by the Latvian state budget.

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The project „Living in Latvia - 2” was implemented with the aim to promote the integration of the third country nationals with different economic, social, cultural, religious, language and ethnic origin in the society of Latvia and Europe.
The project continued to introduce and improve the integration program that the EDC had developed in the project implemented last year “Living in Latvia”. During the project the integration course program “Living in Latvia – from A to Z” has been improved and it has been acquired in the integration course – seminars, meetings of the interest groups and practical sessions. The program helps third country nationals understand and orient themselves better in the everyday life of Latvia, its culture, traditions and legislation.

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The project involved a diverse group of participants – more than 45 people who have recently settled in Latvia from different countries that are not part of the European Union. The participants have arrived from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, USA, and Cuba. The participants belong to different age groups – school age young people, working adults, pre-retirement and also retired people; people of different educational background and diverse professional experience. All this ensured the diversity of the participants’ previous experience and gave the project enormous added value. The work in the seminars and practical sessions ran smoothly in Latvian, Russian and English. The participants of the project had a possibility to meet people with similar experience and share their experience and problem solutions, to acquire broader knowledge and receive useful informative materials about the state of Latvia, its people, traditions, employment, social support and assistance to themselves and their family members, to participate in the practical, hands-on sessions and to go on excursions that acquitted them with the life in Latvia, to ask experts questions, to receive support and advice, to learn the Latvian environment in a friendly and benevolent atmosphere, to add to their Latvian knowledge, to establish friendships.
The project was implemented by the EDC team: project manager Iveta Vērse and experts of the Education Development centre Linda Ugaine, Ingūna Irbīte, Daina Zelmene, Aija Rusiņa, Līga Puniņa.