Action project „Citizen”

The action project „Citizen” is a way of learning the world and a teaching/learning method with the help of which students of different age groups participate in researching and solving the problems of the local community.
The Education Development Centre (EDC) in cooperation with the International Civic Education Exchange program CIVITAS teaches the methods used in the project “Citizen” and provides consultations.

The aim of the action project” Citizen”:
To encourage students to develop active attitude and desire to participate in public processes.

Objectives of the action project” Citizen”:

  • To give knowledge and develop skills which are necessary for successful partnership’
  • To give a possibility to gain practical experience which will assure students about the importance of competence in politics and the ability to influence the processes in the local community,
  • To develop the understanding of the importance of civic partnership.

The project “Citizen” has been known in schools of Latvia since 1998. Students most often work out projects in the social studies lessons or other lessons (depending on the specifics of the chosen theme) during the project week or other out-of-class activities. The methodology of project work is suitable for students of different age groups. Students of all educational levels, namely, preschool, primary school and secondary school students, have positive experience in project work. However, Grade 5-9 students and their teachers use projects more frequently to improve the study process.

Some of the problems addressed by students within the project “Citizen” in schools in Latvia:

  • Dangerous non-regulated traffic in the locality of the school
  • There are no places in school where to spend the free lessons and time until you wait for the bus
  • Young people have few possibilities to get paid summer job
  • Vagrant animals threaten the population of the cities
  • Schools are insufficiently supplied with sanitary widgets
  • Complicated regulations for getting study loans for higher education students

Themes studied in the action project „Cizitizen” by EDC cooperation schools in academic year 2007/2008

Nr. School The chosen problem
1. Valmiera Secondary school Nr. 5 Do I feel safe on the street near my school?
2. M. Brimmerberga Pļaviņas Secondary school There is an insufficient seating capacity in the school corridors
3. Liepājas 1st gymnasium Lack of informative notices at school
4. J. Rainis Daugavpils Secondary school Nr. 6 The design of the school corridor walls does not develop friendly environment for primary pupils
5. Balvi Secondary school There are no places in school where to spend the free lessons and time until you wait for the bus
6. Ventspils primary school nr. 2 Organization of breaks at school
7. Ranka primary school Safety, analysis of the school environment
8. Ranka primary school Safety, analysis of the school environment
9. Viļaka primary school Dangerous crossing on the way to school
10. Gulbene Secondary school Nr. 2 Young people join reluctantly the struggle against adolescents’ harmful habits
11. Bārta primary school Completing the construction of the new school at Bārta
Our class has not been in Riga
Pollution at Bārta rural municipality
12. Daugavpils Vienības primary school There is no place at school where to spend the free time
13. Misa Secondary school Safe traffic near Misa Secondary school
14. Līvāni Secondary school Nr.1 Līvāni shops sell alcohol and cigarettes to the minors