Worked out and published materials by EDC in 2016 - 2017

  • Youth integration end empowerment projec "EXPLORING. BELONGING. ACTING." (LV) methodological material with cases of good practice.  11 schools have shared their experience and suggestion how to organize similar activities, how to promote active students participation, media literacy and critical thinking skills, sense of belonging and involvement in schools’ and communities’ life;

  • The collection of project „Diversity as a resource for education and community development” experience materials - the set of methodological materials on integration “Diversity as a resource” (LV) - will be useful for a wide circle of education and integration specialists. The project outcomes will be available to any interested person also after the end of the project.

Worked out and published materials by EDC in 2014 - 2015

Worked out and published materials by EDC in 2013

  • Informative educational publication „Experience of the project Living in Latvia -3” ;
  • „STRATEGY for strengthening the capacity of NGO in the field of development cooperation and development education” here;
  • „GUIDELINES for strengthening the capacity of NGO in the field of development cooperation and development education” here;
  • „Report on Study about development Education Aspects in Social Sciences” here;
  • „Together we take care of our community” here.

Worked out and published materials by EDC in 2012

  • Informative educational publication „Experience of the project Living in Latvia-2”; here ;
  • The study material for secondary school learners and methodological comments for teachers “Foundations of critical thinking” in Latvian and Russian;
  • Support material for teachers in e-environment „Interaction, diversity and tolerancehere
  • Video film „We for our community”.

Worked out and published materials by EDC in 2011

  • The guidelines and the methodical material in development/global education;
  • Study material in CD format about the European Union  Get acquainted with the European Union and use your possibilitie; CD “Information and work sheets for secondary school about the European parliament;
  • Supplemented electronic version of the methodological study material “Intercultural interaction” 
  • Informative educational publication Experience of the project Living in Latvia” and the educational program for the third country nationals „Living in Latvia";
  • A Handbook developed in cooperation with partners from Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Spain “Innovative ways for motivating adults for learning”
  • Awebpage has been developed in the project “European inhabitants for the community well-being” for making the initiative of five countries of EU 2020 strategy more topical and for strengthening the role of the civic society. The webpage acquaints with the activities of all the participating organizations, resources and the recommended literature.

Worked out and published materials, and collection by EDC in 2010

  • The book ” The Art of Thinking for Everyone or How to Think With Joy and Excitement”;
  • Study material ”Intercultural interaction”;
  • Distance learning program ”Living in Latvia”;
  • Worked out, and regularly improved web site about the development education. 

The research from 2010 

The research made within International Civic Education Exchange Program CIVITAS:The Influence and Evaluation of Activity Program Citizen

Materials published by EDC in 2007- 2009

Experience and methodological materials:

  • A Handbook for implementing the motivation programs;
  • “School libraries – the promoters of the dialogue of culture”;
  • “Implementation of civic participation actions in the local community”;
  • “Support material for multiplicators to implement civic education in the local community”;
  • Trainers Folder for the further education program “Promotion of the intercultural dialogue”;
  • “Inclusive school in the inclusive society”.    

Results of the studies and recommendations

  • „The use of critical thinking approach in the education system – influence and effectiveness in Latvia”;
  • DVD „The approach for developing critical thinking in the education of Latvia – 10 years”.                       

Informative booklet “Thinking is the quality of life”
Calendar for year 2009 „Essays and drawings on Development Cooperation”